I’m a passionate and ethically grounded person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist.  But what does this mean?

Person- Centred Therapy

I firmly believe that the vital ingredient in therapy is the relationship between a counsellor and their client.  If you feel, safe, secure and not judged then you are more likely to be able to explore your inner most thoughts and feelings.  I am deeply respectful to each and every client and what they bring to counselling.  This is sometimes called ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ or UPR.  Whatever you have experienced in your life, you are an individual who I value and will not judge.

I see my role as a companion, being alongside you on your journey.  I will not tell you what to do, or how to think or feel; rather my role is to help you discover this for yourself.

Whilst my core training is as a person-centred counsellor, I have completed a wealth of training in other therapeutic techniques.  This means I am in a position to draw on this knowledge and experience to tailor sessions to meet your needs as an individual.

Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT)

I hold a certificate in Solution Focused Practice from BRIEF, the UK’s leading provider of solution focused training.  Rather than focusing on the past and being problem orientated, solution focused therapy looks towards best hopes for the future.  It is a highly successful way of working, particularly if you feel stuck in a situation.


I have experience of working with clients using the techniques of both Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).  CBT work focuses on the links between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  DBT is often used with clients who have very low mood and maybe experiencing suicidal thoughts and high levels of anxiety.  Work can often involve increasing an individual’s distress tolerance and learning strategies in order to resist urges to react immediately.  I am gaining experience working with clients who are actively suicidal and have completed the Gold Standard training for managing suicide risk StoRM.


I work with clients who have a Learning Disability, or who are on the Autism Spectrum.  I am experienced in Pre-Therapy; this enables me to work therapeutically with individuals who may find it difficult to access traditional counselling.  In Pre-Therapy, the therapist provides commentary on the client’s body language and behaviour, and the real time events occurring in the therapy room, mirroring the client’s words or body language.  This in turn, builds the relationship between therapist and client. Pre-Therapy an effective way of working, made more powerful when used in conjunction with a technique called ‘intensive interaction’.

Appearance Issues

I have close links with Changing Faces, a charity that works with people with a facial difference.  I have completed training on the psychological aspects of disfigurement.  As a person with a facial difference myself, this places me in a unique position to work therapeutically with clients presenting with issues relating to their appearance.

I am a registered member of BACP. I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework click here to view.

I am an EMDR (Eye movement desensitisation and re-processing) practitioner; working towards becoming accredited by EMDR Europe.

EMDR is an evidence-based psychotherapy for trauma but is also highly effective with other presenting issues such as anxiety and phobias. It is an approach that emphasises the brain’s information processing system and memories of disturbing experiences (see for more information).